The Evolving Influence of Biology in Design

Brook Kennedy


spider_web_huckleberry_trail_2014 (1)Biology has long been a source of curiosity, interest and inspiration for designers. From form, materials to structure, the natural world has long informed our built environment.


This presentation will touch on the breadth of biological influence and focus on current areas where it is continuing to inspire design at all scales in new ways.




Headshot2 copyBrook Kennedy is an accomplished Industrial Designer with diverse professional, educational and publishing experience. His current research focus explores the role natural sciences can play in inspiring new approaches to design especially in service of sustainability and resource use.Born and raised in the big city of New York, While he frequently visits his “home town” and works as a design consultant to startups and companies internationally, he enjoys pushing his students to ask the toughest design questions humankind will face in the coming decades. In his spare time he is an avid walker, traveler and naturalist and loves the peaceful beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. He especially likes fireflies, which was partially the subject of a 2014 TEDx talk. He holds an MFA from Stanford University and a BA from Reed College and was Associate Director of Industrial Design at the reknowned innovation consultancy Smart Design, where he earned numerous international design awards and patents.