Sew and So

Jennifer L. Hand, Simone Paterson, and Amelia Salisbury


Sew and So, is a three-person exhibition incorporating the artwork of Jennifer L. Hand, Simone Paterson and Amelia Salisbury. Opening in March 2016 at the Armory Gallery, Virginia Tech and touring to Artspace, Richmond, in July 2016.


The exhibition is entitled Sew and So because the included artists use the process of sewing to inform their practice. In actuality, each artists uses stitching as well as the concept of sewing as an over arching methodology of production. Sewing brings to mind a quiet contemplation; something that is hand made and joins pieces or fragments together, it suggests a unifying activity. However sewing can also be done by machine and can incorporate high-end technology for mass production. Jennifer, Simone and Amelia use technology as part of their visual language. The exhibition Sew and So highlights the juxtaposition between craft and technology and brings together seemingly disparate elements into a unified, exciting exhibition.


The phrase “so and so” implies a forgotten name of an individual. Jennifer, Simone and Amelia embrace this meaning as many artists have labored without recognition, particularly female artists. The phrase can also mean a person who is disliked or is considered to have a particular characteristic, typically an unfavorable one, for example “you mean old so-and-so!” Jennifer, Simone and Amelia are also happy to embrace this inference because it empowers them to make the art they want to make and sometimes what is considered powerful and meaningful is not necessarily thought of as pretty.



Jennifer L. Hand is an Instructor of Studio Art in the School of Visual Arts at Virginia Tech. She also manages the Art Gallery at Mish Mish in downtown Blacksburg, Virginia. She holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan and a Masters of Fine Arts in painting from Radford University. Since 1991, Hand’s work has been shown in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout Virginia, as well as nationally and internationally from New York City to Gdansk, Poland. Additionally she has co-created several large-scale commissions with her father, the artist Charlie Brouwer. Her work is in the collection of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.


Simone Paterson is an Associate Professor in the School of Visual Arts at Virginia Tech where she teaches New Media Art and Theory as well as Motion Graphics and Digital Video. Educated in New South Wales, Australia she was awarded a Ph.D. from The University of Newcastle, in 2005 and a Master of Visual Arts from the University of Sydney, Sydney College of the Arts in 1995. Her installations are exhibited internationally (Australia, Europe and USA) and usually consist of large-scale digital photographic prints, sculptural fabric forms and as well as interactive new media works and digital video/ animations. Her recent solo exhibition, 108: everything, nothing, infinity, was exhibited at Maitland Regional Art Gallery, New South Wales, Australia.


Amelia Salisbury is a practicing artist who teaches as an Adjunct Instructor in the School of Visual Art at Virginia Tech.  She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, in Languages and Cultures of Asia and Fine Art.  Her graduate studies at the University of Iowa include an MFA in Poetry (2008) at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where she was a Maytag Fellow and a Teaching-Writing Fellow.  She also received a second MFA in Art (2014).  Her research integrates text, painting, and installation, with the intention of examining and giving lyrical perspective to experiences and perceptions.