Research posters by the following masters and PhD students were displayed:

Mohammad Alfadil,“Design Tool Guidelines for Ground Coupled Ventilation Systems”

Aylin Alisan,“Assessing of Cultural Landscape Value”

Hamad Alsaiari, “High-density Housing Preference and Choice”

Kenneth Black,“Design Framework for Vegetated Assemblies”

Abdulmueen Bogis, “The Cultural-Social Benefits of Developing Green Channels: Case Studies and Demonstration in Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia”

Ben Chambers,“Building Characteristics and Behavior Relevant to Home Invasion by the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug”

Archi Dasgupta, Divya Nautiyal, Enyi Onnukwubiri, Rebecca Barker, Carrigan Doble, Hannah Mitchell, Esther Jeong,  and Alexander Jones,” Geode: Building as a Learning Tool”

Amrita Dutta,“Streamlined Tracking and Visualization of Structural Steel Progress Status in Supply Chain integrating RFID with BIM”

Erik Fendik, “Refining Form

Erik Fendik, “The Other Villa Tugendhat

Marc Fialkoff, “Evaluation of the Logical Interdependency between Maritime Law and Infrastructure Resiliency: the Case of Multimodal Freight Transportation during Disasters”

Rachel Erin Flanagan,“Reawaken the Box”

Soyoung Han,“Redefining Urban Park as Liminal, Lateral, Mediating Space: Some Cases of Urban Parks in Seoul”

Danya Hakky, “Integrating Design for Sustainable Behavior in Interior Design Education: preliminary findings from faculty survey”

Joowon Im, “A Study of Green Street: User Perception and Community Livability”

Kyunghee Kim, “Women Leadership in Community Gardening Programs”

Sinan Kordon, “Contemporary Community Gardens and People’s Motivations for Use”

Dan Li, “What has been changed?–Comparing Government’s Attitude, Intervention Mode and Evaluation towards Community Gardens in 1930s and after 2000”

Tianjun Lu, “Using Temporal Patterns of Bicycle and Pedestrian Traffic to Define Factor Groups

Rongrong Wei,“Do Intergovernmental Transfers influence Municipal Fiscal Sustainability? — A Case Study of Detroit vs. New York City”